Unforgettable kite safari in Egypt

Everyone wants to spend their holiday magical and fun. The annual vacation for tourists becomes less attractive, since already we can say everything seen and been everywhere.

But this is not always so in reality.

Kite Safari in Egypt, what is it?

This is a new and completely unique game that is impossible to forget or put into words. Visit this tour is possible, as with friends and with family. An exciting adventure consists of 8 days, each day consists of exciting and fun-filled holiday program.

What is the kite safari?

This journey, which is carried on the yacht. It consists of only 8 and places. Each cabin for two seats. You do not have to jostle among a large number of people, you have come to rest. The yacht with all the amenities to help you feel happy camper who forgot about all the problems and concerns.

Entertainment program for 8 days:
1st day – that day comes guests check in Hurghada From the 2nd day and on the seventh day begins the real adventure. diving in the Red Sea, so that attract tourists, taking place as follows: – first walk, which for five hours will bring you to the island on a yacht Qeizum, where the extraordinary beauty is breathtaking and the island Tawilla, where rustic and sunny.

These islands are surrounded by shallow water and perfect sand bottom. Perfect for beginners in surfing and kiting, and a surprise present professionals of the sport.

The whole week will take place on an island where you can enjoy plenty of your favorite sport. Needless accommodation is located on the yacht and gives its visitors delicious meals 4 times a day.

In the evening you can also organize a barbecue-party, which will depend only on the yacht and the guests on Mother Nature.

For those who love diving, it is possible to pre-order the equipment and spend time with benefits for himself on the reef Gubal. On the 7th day, a wonderful vacation in the evening comes to an end. The yacht is sent back to Hurghada. On the eighth day there leaving tourists from the boat. Until 10 am, guests leave the boat with great humor and an amazing experience.

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